What To Consider When Choosing Skirting Bellows For Lifting Equipment

14 July 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


Skirting bellows are an important addition for all your lifting equipment. They help cover the moving parts on lift tables, loaders and even scissor lifts. Through use of bellow skirting, you get to prevent staff injuries that could cost you a lot of money. You also keep dirt and debris from damaging your equipment.

If you're ordering bellows for your machinery, here are the factors you need to consider to ensure you get the right fit for your needs:

Shapes & dimensions

First, get the dimensions of your equipment. This is important to ensure your bellows fit the equipment without leaving moving room. If you're ordering from an equipment manufacturer, you can simply tell them you need a bellow for a particular machine model and they will retrieve the dimensions for you.

If doing it manually, you will need to provide the length, width, minimum height and maximum height of your lift machinery. You will also need to specify if the table is round or circular and what its dimensions are.

Working mechanism

The perfect skirting bellow needs to move in tandem with the operation of your lift equipment. In this regard, specify the working mechanism of your equipment when ordering i.e. is it a lifting equipment, tilting equipment or a lifting and tilting machine. For machinery with tilting modes, you will need to detail the tilting height and angles. If your lift machinery has a rotating table, specify that too so that the top bellow is made separately.


Skirting bellows are installed differently. Some feature a velcro wrapper which makes them easy to remove for maintenance purposes. Others are bolted in for a more rigid fit and long-term use. You can also get wearable bellows that are loosely fitted over the machinery from the top.


The finishing on your skirting bellows determines the appearance, feel and ability to clean. Threaded bellows are tough and suitable for rough working conditions. Heat-bonded bellows offer a smooth finish and are ideal for environments that require frequent cleaning.


Lastly, choose the colors of your skirting. If your machinery is being used away from sight, you can pick any color, even those that camouflage the machine's lifting parts and its environment. However, if the machine is being used around people, choose highly visible colors for safety reasons. Black and yellow are popular for such uses. You can also consider dirt-visibility if your workplace is dusty or prone to spills.

With the right skirting bellows, you will keep your staff safe and your machinery protected from dirt, dust, debris and product particles. Contact a company like A & B Canvas Australia to learn more.