Useful Tips on How to Minimize the Cost of Hiring a Skip Bin

22 November 2016
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Skip bins provide a simple, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly means of managing domestic and commercial waste. Whether you need a skip bin for construction, renovation, cleanup, or a moving project, minimizing the cost of hiring can offer significant financial benefits. Here are some useful tips on how to reduce the cost of hiring a skip bin and get the most out of the process. Choose the right skip bin size Skip bins come in a variety of sizes ranging from mini to large bins. Read More 

What to Do When a Small Creature Decides to Explore Your Air Conditioning Unit

26 July 2016
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Air conditioning can be simply heavenly during the warmer months. Your friends and family will obviously appreciate it too when they visit you. But you probably don't want to share your air conditioning with any of the creatures that might live in your garden. While it's unlikely, it's possible for rodents and reptiles to make their way into your air conditioner, whether it's the external component of your split system unit, or even into the ducts inside your home. Read More 

Lose The Gorse: Why And How You Should Remove Invasive Gorse Shrubs From Your Land

28 April 2016
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The fight to preserve Australia's natural ecosystem against all manner of invasive flora and fauna is a difficult one, and in many cases dangerous exotic species may be living right under your nose. Gorse (Ulex europaeus), also known as common gorse or furze, is one of these dangers in plain sight -- an unassuming shrub with attractive flowers, it was used extensively in years gone by to provide hardy hedges and fodder for livestock, and can be found in most parts of Australia and New Zealand. Read More