Surprising Times to Consider Renting a Skip Bin

14 July 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


A skip bin is a great choice for having on hand when you're renovating or remodeling your home, as it can easily keep your property clean and safe for workers. Rarely can you just toss out the rubbish produced by such a project with your everyday trash.

However, a home renovation or remolding project is not the only time when you might want to consider renting a skip bin. Note when it can be helpful to have such a bin on hand:

1. When hosting an outdoor or very large house party

If you've ever hosted a very large party before, you know trying to bag up all the rubbish that's produced can be quite a chore. You might also be limited as to the number of trash bags you can put on the curb with your household trash, and may face some type of fine if you try to toss out all the rubbish from your party this way.

If you have a wedding reception or other party planned for your home, and especially if it's a long weekend party, consider a skip bin. You can easily toss out all the trash from the event in the bin and keep it out of sight and out of the way of your guests, and this can make it easier to keep your property neater during the event.

2. For spring cleaning or downsizing

If your spring cleaning plans include getting more organized and going through everything you own so you can downsize and get rid of some things, a skip bin can be a great solution. Rather than looking for trash bags that can accommodate all the old pieces of furniture and clothing you want to get rid of, you can just toss them into the skip bin. This can also be helpful if you're cleaning out items after your children or a roommate moves out of the house; if trash bags won't be enough, a skip bin is the solution.

A skip bin rental can make it easier for you to clean out your basement or attic when you're ready to downsize for a move. Remember that everything you own will need to be packed and moved with you, so to help you get rid of things you don't really need anymore, get a skip bin. You can toss out all those items you've been overlooking in your home and which you no longer use, to make your move faster and easier overall.

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