How an Ecological Consultant Helps Homeowners

17 June 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


An ecological or environmental consultant is someone that you might not think you'll ever need to hire as a homeowner. These professionals, however, don't just examine the environment and conduct government-sponsored surveys, but can be very helpful for homeowners in a variety of ways as well. Note when you might want to call on an ecological consultant for your own private property:

1. If your property has drainage issues

If a contractor has told you that there is water collecting around your home's foundation, the soil on your property is not draining properly. If the soil seems very dry and you cannot grow grass or any other vegetation, it may be draining too much or you may have very sandy soil that doesn't hold water.

In either case, an ecological consultant can examine the soil and the property overall and note the cause of the problem. He or she can work with a contractor or civil engineer to help design a solution for drainage or erosion issues so that your property's soil is rich but not holding too much water.

2. If you suspect pollution to the soil or groundwater around your home

You may suspect that your property is holding pollution for any number of reasons. For example, you may live near a petrol station that has underground holding tanks for gas, and you may suspect a leak. There may have been pollution found in a nearby lake or river, and you suspect it may have run off to your property, or a neighbor may have a septic tank and you worry about it leaking.

If you have a well on your property, you may suddenly notice that the water tastes metallic or otherwise unpleasant. No matter the reason, an ecological consultant can test your soil and note if there is pollution, its level, if it's dangerous, and so on.

3. If you want to remodel but live near a wildlife habitat or protected wetlands

You may need specialized surveys and permits for building when you live near a wildlife habitat or protected wetlands, as your plans for construction can affect the overall soil conditions near those protected areas. An ecological consultant can note how your plans may affect water runoff or how it may add pollution to the groundwater, which in turn would affect the wetlands. They can help to devise alternative plans for you, or you can know to scrap your plans altogether rather than facing heavy fines after construction begins.  

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