Different Types Of Excavator Attachments

18 May 2015
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There are extensive applications of excavators in diverse industries including construction, landscaping, utility and demolitions. The excavator is a very versatile heavy machine which can be used to perform an assortment of tasks. The functionality of the equipment is only limited by the availability of compatible attachments. It is important for you to identify the specific project tasks for which you require the excavator before choosing the ideal package for hire. Here are the main types of excavator attachments in the market today.


Augers are essential attachments for digging operations; therefore all modern excavator models are compatible with the technology. These drilling devices are suitable for tasks such as forming deep foundation piles and piling retaining walls in construction, as well as digging postholes for agricultural land fencing. There are different types of augers so the choice for your project will depend on the terrain and general soil conditions. Standard light-duty devices can handle most types of digging tasks. However, you may require a heavy-duty specialized auger with teeth if the ground soil is tough—for example, rock or sandstone.


Excavator buckets are designed to perform digging and scooping tasks in the worksite. The structure is made from high grade steel so it can handle most adverse soil conditions. Also, the buckets may have teeth on the outer edges to facilitate efficient tearing of hard ground. You can choose between a ditching and trenching bucket depending on the specifics of the project tasks. The trenching bucket has protruding teeth and it is primarily used for digging trenches, as implied. The ditching bucket is best suited for large-scale digging; this type has no teeth, but the container is larger.


The grapple is an expedient attachment for picking up items in the worksite. These loads can be large amounts of loose material or bulky pieces of solid loads. The grapple is connected to an excavator's movable arm so the tool can be lifted, extended, retracted and even rotated. The equipment will be capable of picking things from literally any angle within the reach of the excavator. The design and resilience of grapples may vary so inquire about specific task suitability before hire.


Breakers are larger and more powerful than jackhammers. They are designed for the breaking work in the construction industry. This attachment is used for demolishing concrete buildings and breaking rocks and stones. Breakers are classified in terms of impact energy; therefore it is advisable to consult a contractor before choosing the best item for hire.

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